My Feet Never Seem to Touch the Ground.

There are no words. Shall we meet one day?
My favotite place to be.

My favotite place to be.


when your mum makes you try on clothes you don’t like


Best shot ever!!!

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Late night

So out of curiosity, has anyone ever done something that secretly you’ve always wanted to but didn’t know how others would react? Last night I did, and im glad. At first I felt wrong and bad but after I went for it, my decision became an irreversible act that I do not regret. Do you have one?

I am the brother of Elia Martell. Do you know why I have come all the way to this stinking shit-pile of a city? For you.

…..and died.

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My favorite stories are about Bad Guys going good. Do you care?

Sometimes I feel I’m just talking to myself.
With ideas and thoughts and relations.
Its empty, these days
The price and the exchange.
It’s apart of the things We wont change.
If no one is around,
do you think it’s really crazy?
For asking and acting this way.
But no one ever answers,
it’s just a state-us for attention
no one’s as important as they thought..
Don’t you mind it’ll quiet down soon enough,
(They’re saying)
(It’s no ones fault).
Just step a little closer to the corner., to the edge.
Now look at this whole thing again..
.If she, or I, or he, or him.
Just for a minute.
There’d be quiet and there’d be time,
just a minute or 2 only to gather ourselves.
What am I saying?
I want to be outside looking in
Best wishes but I’m going to go.